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Institution Name Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy, Poltava Regional Clinical Medical Cardiovascular Center
Department(s), where PI conducts clinical trials Cardiology department for patients with IHD, non-coronarogenic deasese with chambers for patients with rythm and conduction disturbance, department for patients with ACS, department of intervention radiology
City Poltava
Address Shevchenko 23 Street, Makarenko 1-a Street
Principal Investigator First Name Liudmila
Principal Investigator Last Name Miakinkova
Number of trials, conducted at your site The Investigators worked under the guidance PI prof. Katerynchuk I. P. There was 5 trials conducted
Specialities (PI\Sub-I) Cardiology , Cardiovascular Disease
Contact Person (If other than PI)
Primary Phone Number +380660331359
Primary Email Address
Comments and additional useful information
The research team includes physicians of interventional cardiologists and interventional arrhythmologist. The medical base of the centre
The research centre is located on the basis of the Poltava Regional Clinical Medical Cardiovascular Center.
The total bed fund of the clinic is 120 beds.
Departments of the center: specialized department for patients with acute coronary syndrome with intensive care units; cardiology department for patients with chronic coronary pathology, non-coronary pathology including the ward for the treatment of patients with cardiac arrhythmias; the outpatient department and day hospital provide rehabilitation treatment, including for patients after surgical interventions on the heart; department of interventional radiology; department of functional diagnostics; clinical and biochemical laboratories.
The department of interventional radiology works 24/7, urgent days in the region 3 days per week. Instrumentation: angiograph, Mark V Pro Vis Injection system, electrophysiological laboratory.
Procedures: Endovascular treatment of chronic coronary artery disease and acute coronary syndrome (STEMI, NSTEMI);
Implantation of pacemakers 1-2chamber CRT-D, ICD;
Ablation of transcatheter atrial flutter.
Intensive diagnostic wards are equipped with bedside monitors with the definition of ECG, blood pressure, oxygen saturation; ventilator, defibrillators. The capabilities of the laboratory allow expressing diagnostics of glycemia, a highly sensitive test for troponin, D-dimer, PNUP, microalbuminuria, lipid profile and other biochemical parameters. The Department of Functional Diagnostics has devices for rheovasography, electroencephalography, Doppler ultrasonography of the heart and blood vessels of the expert class, monitors for daily measurement of ECG and blood pressure, bicycle ergometers, treadmills.
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